Reporter: editura December - 13 - 2013


carol romanWe shall soon turn 15 years since the first issue of our magazine appeared. We remember, even if briefly, that our publication, initially entitled „The Balkans” was born due to the efforts of a group of journalists on the eve of the new millennium still bearing the scars of some previous wars – destruction, sacrifice, sufferance.

It was then that we decided to write and take a stand on topics concerning the Balkans whenever necessary while obviously being concerned with the way conjugated interests between Romania and the other countries in the area occured. In time, historical changes oriented the Balkans towards Europe, which led to the new name of our magazine – „The Balkans and Europe”.

One can see what we have accomplished in the almost 15 years of existence of the magazine, the survival of which we owe to „NIRO Investment Group” and its president, Mr. Nicolae Dumitru, in the scores of issues featuring important personalities from all fields of the political and social life, presidents of state, prime minsiters, ministers, ambassadors, bank managers and great investors, celebrities of the cultural and sports life etc. Modestly, we should remark that the guiding line initially established has been observed throughout: a correct evolution, independent and objective, following the programmed mission. We have tried to contribute to a climate of co-operation between the political entities in the name of one ultimate object of endeavour , namely the „national interest”. As well as that, we supported the complete and responsible accession of Romania to the European Union and NATO, with a view to contributing to the improvement of the inner mechanisms of the united Europe and also actively participating within NATO on various battle fields against terrorism, a fight supported by the democratic forces of humanity, often at the cost of human lives.

The value of the magazine has been increased by the contributions of important journalists, authentic political analysts, historians who have joined us. We are honoured to name them: the excellent publicist Prof. Dr. Zoe Petre, essayist Eugen Uricaru, Corneliu Vlad, excellent journalist and writer, Vasile Leca, well known analyst on Balkan issues, Ioan C. Popa, historian and also appreciated journalist, and so many more.

We have not been indifferent to the Romanians working abroad. We have referred to their significant contribution to the economy and society in countries from the European Union, a fact publicly acknowledged. At the same time, we have regretted the pressure and discrimination they have often been subjected to. Let us hope 2014 shall bring new European regulations to eliminate any discrimination against immigrants. As part of this action, we shall continue to publish the supplements of “The Balkans and Europe” dedicated to our fellow countrymen who have immigrated to European countries. This year alone, 12 special issues of the “Romanians Abroad” have been published, supplements for the diaspora from Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland. The letters we have received, as well as the sustained correspondence with our associates from the diaspora speak for themselves about the utility of such publications, while encouraging us.

The awards of “The Balkans and Europe” which we present this year crown an action appreciated both at home and abroad, and bring us and confirm yet again that such awards have the mission to reward “Vocation” and “Virtue”, in the major sense of performance in various fields, the wish for progress and understanding between people, endorsed by our entire appreciation, support and respect.

Carol Roman